Threefolding as Social Responsibility


Threefolding is the name of a philosophy based on the social needs of people within society. At Threefold Capital Corp we hold this philosophy in high regard: it is our namesake after all. There are three domains natural to a community: Economic, Political and Cultural.

Three Domains

The Economic is everything to do with business, capital flows, and production of goods and services. The Political is responsible for the protection of rights of individuals, what is represented by the justice system and inter-actions between people. The Cultural is the domain of arts and education, activities based on the creativity of the individual. Each of these domains should support and sustain the other.

Economic Domain

Human beings have individual skills and abilities that result in productive output in the economy. That productivity requires associations between the producers and the consumers of goods and services and the contracts between them. This is based on legal frameworks, trust and the expectation of mutual reward.

At Threefold Capital Corp our product is our investment direction, selection and oversight. To give back to the community we return 12% of our net revenues as philanthropy into the Cultural domain. Our feeling is that the Cultural domain sustains us with creative direction and new ideas and in turn deserves our support.

Those we serve: Investors

Our investors are our consumers and are from non-profits, for-profits and individuals. We are as transparent as possible, focused on lowering risk while sustaining returns, and are consistently researching new ways of achieving these goals. The Cultural domain and the Economic domain benefit from this synergy in our relationships. At Threefold Capital Corp we are not satisfied unless our customers are realizing their vision for a shared future.