• We Are Threefold Capital

    As investors, we identify market strategies that achieve consistent, high performance returns with low volatility.

    We Are ThreeFold Capital
  • Focused Experience

    Our proven history has outperformed the benchmarks in all market conditions, thus enabling our capital partners to achieve their financial goals.

    Focused Experience
  • Core Values

    We have a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Core Values

Our Location


Threefold Capital Corp. 1000 S. Clark St. #2810 Chicago, IL 60605

New Hampshire

Threefold Capital Corp. 12 Mountain Laurels #204 Nashua, NH 03444

Founders Biographies

Founders Biographies


What is Diversification and Market Correlation?

As investors we seek capital gains that are maximized while achieving the lowest risk of losses, however markets are subject to forces we cannot predict.

Risk Management and Market Analytics

Risk Management is the creation of mechanisms, policies and processes that reduce market and trading risk, while Market Analytics is the collecting, filtering and…

Threefolding as Social Responsibility

Threefolding is the name of a philosophy based on the social needs of people within society.